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  The manufacturing outsoucing is not only the best scheme to control productions cost, it also makes possible to respond small lot order, many kinds of products with valious request from customers. We have many cooperate factories in Dongguang China, and we have strong relationships with each of them. We undestand each factory strong point such as assemblies, embroideries, dyes, quilting and cross stitch…so that we are able to cordinate the business with best arrangement to customers.
  The quality & production control is major concerns for manufacturing goods in China as many people already well known today. We have wide knowlage to the problems which suppose to be happen in each manufacturing process through our long experiences. Understanding the specifications (standard and condition) from customers are also important, so that we are puttng the "communication' with customer on the major priority Hong Kong is very much advanced for the transportation (prenty of schedule by air or sea) and financial (multi-currency) It makes us to good cordinate the business between China and the other countries.
  When projects demand, we are able to utilize our extensive industry knowledge and expertise to source products or arrange custom designs (including hand bags, accessories, logos, art and more) that deliver exceptional results. Provide’s consultation includes working with you to find the suit your personal style and strike the perfect balance of modern design and livability. For details please call or email to us.
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